The Museum of Mysteries in papier-mâché is located in Mirabella Eclano, inside the monumental complex of Saint Francis.

Founded in 1222 and also housing the Town Hall and the Chariot Museum, the complex has undergone substantial changes in its use since the 19th century. It consists of the Convent Church, the former Oratory and the open spaces of the square, including the obelisk, cloister and garden. 
Located in what were once the stables of the Franciscan monastery, the Museum of Mysteries unfolds along a longitudinal route marked by cells, raised floors and large spaces that slowly narrow to accompany the visitor along the stages of the Passion of Christ.

The sculptures in the museum are made entirely of papier-mâché and are the work of the Eclano artist Antonio Russo (1836-1914) who donated them to the local community in 1875. 
The Museum of Mysteries in papier-mâché contains figures modelled using old paper, glue and glass inserts for the eyes: each of them is about one and a half metres high and is distinguished by a particular expression of strength and pain that the artist has managed to imprint on their faces. In the creation of these works, the sculptor also wanted to reproduce some of the characters, combining 19th-century clothes and traits of real people with the episodes narrated in the sacred books. Inside the Museum of Mysteries, it is also possible to learn the main methods of working with papier-mâché, thanks to audio-visual teaching aids and a multimedia room.

The final scenes of the life of Jesus come to life again in the Museum of Mysteries in papier-mâché in Mirabella Eclano, in a characteristic and unmistakable blend of customs, costumes and characters from two distant eras.

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Via Municipio, 61, 83036 Mirabella Eclano AV, Italia
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Museo dei Misteri in cartapesta

Via Municipio, 61, 83036 Mirabella Eclano AV, Italia

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