The Municipal Museum Collection in Villamaina is a site of historical and archaeological interest, located in the current town hall on Via Roma.

As early as the 17th century, many local writers referred both to the presence of some areas of particular archaeological interest, including Formulano and Cisterne, and to a whole range of ancient materials, transported to Villamaina from their places of origin. Known for its proximity to the Valle d'Ansanto and for the ancient San Teodoro Baths, which are still in operation, the current area of Villamaina has, over time, preserved countless testaments to the past with roots in the prehistoric era, chronologically tracing its history from the Samnite period through the Roman age, up to remains of more recent origin.

Today, the museum collection consists of 933 finds, divided by geo-referenced criteria. The vestiges that have reached the present day and have benefited from a better state of conservation include a decorative architectural element of a public structure, probably a templum, in the form of a wolf protome and the head of votive statuette. The exhibition also includes a considerable number of stamped bricks, which can for the most part be attributed to Roman-age factories. Particularly significant, finally, is the Roman-era lapidarium with an epigraphic corpus, useful for reconstructing the historical events of Villamaina.

A repertoire of evidence of a very ancient past, the Museum Collection of the Municipality of Villamaina represents a further trace of the presence of settlements in Irpinia dating back thousands of years.

Comune di riferimento
Via Roma, 77 83050, VIllamaina AV, Italia
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Raccolta Museale Comune di Villamaina

Via Roma, 77 83050, VIllamaina AV, Italia

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