The State Archive, located inside the building that once housed the Bourbon Prison of Avellino, is an office of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT).  

The State Archive was built following the Law of 12 November 1818. After the Royal Decree 1391 of 22 September 1932 it became the Provincial State Archive together with all the Former Provincial Archives of Southern Italy. Following the enactment of Law 2006 of 22 December 1939 it took on the name of “State Archive Branch Office” and then, with Presidential Decree 1409 of 30 September 1963, the name of “State Archive”.

At provincial level, the Office was responsible for preserving, protecting and allowing access to the archive records under the Code of Cultural Heritage (Legislative Decree 42 of 22 January 2004). 
The State Archive offers a number of facilities including a learning centre, a study room, the library, the Public Relations Office and the Diplomatic office
Users can take photocopies of records and browse library materials. They can also carry out research “by correspondence”, if the subject of their investigation is clear and they can provide accurate references of a limited number of archive records they want to search.

Situated within one of the most impressive buildings in the province, the State Archive of Avellino is also an important point of contact for citizens and public institutions, and gathers information on the quality of customer service.

Comune di riferimento
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 17, 83100 Avellino AV, Italia
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dalle 07:30 alle 19:15

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Poligono GEO

Archivio di Stato

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 17, 83100 Avellino AV, Italia

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