The Archaeological Area of the Monumental Necropolis of Avella is a place of historical interest, located in via Tombe Romane.

Belonging to unknown families of the local aristocracy, the funerary monuments are lined up along the exit roads that led to the neighbouring towns. Dating from the late Hellenistic and early imperial periods, the tombs were built with the opus incertum technique, in local limestone, terracotta bricks and grey tuff, used above all for external cladding.

Typical "a dado" sepulchral monuments, i.e. with a square plan, consist of two superimposed bodies: the lower quadrangular part, which rests on protruding bricks, and the upper, cylindrical part, ending in a cusp or surmounted by an aedicule. The sepulchral cell, with a rectangular plan and barrel vault, is contained in the lower body and has a very low entrance; Its peculiar small size allowed it to contain only the grave goods and the cinerary urns, characterizing, in fact, the Avella mausoleums compared to those found elsewhere. Vases, plants and various ornaments dedicated to the dead were placed In the enclosures surrounding the monuments of the complex in Casale.

The architecture of the Roman tombs of Avella, although common to that of other monuments used for similar functions and found in the Campania region, represents an exemplary testimony for the reconstruction of funeral rites in the classical era.

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Via Tombe Romane, 83021 Avella AV, Italia
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Area Archeologica della Necropoli Monumentale di Avella

Via Tombe Romane, 83021 Avella AV, Italia

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