The Borgo Antico di Senerchia (ancient village of Senerchia), also known as the "Borgo Fantasma” (ghost village), is what remains of an ancient settlement in Irpinia, located near the castle ruins.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the village was founded between the 8th and 9th centuries, developing near the fortress built by the Lombards, of which today only some portions of the boundary walls and the cylindrical tower remain, at a height of 600 metres, overlooking the valley below and then extending downwards, towards where the new urban centre now stands. Life and time in this small historical settlement stopped at 19:34 on that tragic day 23 November, 1980, the date of the devastating seismic event that also hit Senerchia, leaving signs of destruction still evident today, in the fissures in the old village: an event that remained imprinted in the memories of those who lived those tragic moments.

On reaching the Borgo Fantasma, through narrow streets and stairways, the past comes to light, bringing with it the weight of memories and debris, of a long and dramatic night; it seems like you can still sense the fear, dismay, and cold in the gaps and ruptures where nature has crept in, little by little, reclaiming its own space. Once at the top, amid the bitterness of what remains, a wonderful panorama opens onto the Sele Valley and the village below that has started to live again after the earthquake, with strength and determination.

An evocative yet ghostly place, the Borgo Antico di Senerchia provokes visitors to reflect on that terrible wound that has left indelible scars on the local community.

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Via al Castello, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia
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Borgo Antico di Senerchia

Via al Castello, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia

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