The ruins of the Senerchia Castle are located on the street of the same name, near the ancient village.

The first documents that attest to the history of the Senerchia fortress date back to 1230, when the owner of the stronghold was a woman called Giovanna. It is very likely that the pre-existing fortress was built and enlarged between the 8th and 9th centuries AD by the Lombards and the Normans, who alternated in ruling the fiefdom. Built on the highest part of the town, overlooking Mount Croce above the surrounding Sele Valley, the Castle was typically medieval and thus equipped with external surrounding walls, a keep, and a residential building.

The consecutive seismic events that have struck the area have significantly compromised the structure of the stronghold. Today, only the ruins of the perimeter walls and the cylindrical tower remain, around which the original nucleus of the town was established, as evidenced by the finds. Numerous noble families alternated in ownership of the Castle, which, by the will of the Aragonese, lost its defensive function and took on that of a noble residence. 

Although at present only some of the details are visible, the old manor continues to dominate the Sele Valley from the highest point of Senerchia, standing as a historical symbol of the local community.

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Via al Castello, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia
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Ruderi del Castello di Senerchia

Via al Castello, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia

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