The medieval village of Quaglietta, with its ancient castle, is located in the Calabritto hamlet of the same name and is the main place of interest in this Irpinian town.

The village is dominated by a mighty fortress dating back to the Lombard period. Like other defensive bastions built in the Sele Valley, the Castle was built to control the most important communication routes along the river. The Castle of Quaglietta still emerges in all its grandeur from the rocky spur on which it rests. From an architectural point of view, its quadrangular shape, interrupted by a fourth, rather irregular side, is embellished by the tower and the donjon that rise at the centre of the building.

For some years now, in the medieval village of Quaglietta, the Albergo Diffuso hotel has been offering flats equipped with all comforts and fine food and wine itineraries. The history of its construction and activation demonstrates the desire to elevate the village and castle to places where thoughts and languages of the soul can be exchanged, allowing visitors to experience recreational activities of various kinds and unique sensations in a magical, fairytale setting, just a few steps away from enchanting landscapes.

A sign of centuries-old charm, which has remained unchanged over time, the medieval village of Quaglietta bears important historical witness to the Lombard domination of Irpinia.

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Corso del Popolo, 83040 Quaglietta AV, Italia
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Borgo e castello medievale di Quaglietta

Corso del Popolo, 83040 Quaglietta AV, Italia

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