The Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Saint Mary of the Assumption) is located along Corso XXIII Novembre 1980 in the district of Piano delle Briglie in the Municipality of Conza della Campania.

It is a recent construction, as the old Cathedral was destroyed in the terrible earthquake of 23 November 1980, which caused huge damage to number of Irpinian villages including Conza della Campania. 

The modern new church consists of a large hall with a circular floor plan. The roof is made entirely from reinforced concrete and is supported by no fewer than fourteen pillars. Outside, the decorative ribs are covered in steel plates, with the sections between the ribbing coated in copper. The most distinctive feature of the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which can also be seen from a distance, is the imposing ribbed dome at the top.

The compact outline of the church, with its cuspal dome set onto the perimeter walls and main façade, is cadenced by the colours of the bricks, natural stone and yellow plastering. 
Next to the building is a slender bell tower with a square plan, solid on one level with the three upper levels having windows and decorative columns at the four corners.

The interior contains the fine sacred furnishings of the historic Cathedral, including a circular 18th-century baptismal stone font with a pedestal, bearing a bas-relief of the episcopal crest. There is also a marble altar, a mediaeval sarcophagus containing the remains of Saint Herbert and a series of wooden statues.

The principal place of worship in Conza della Campania, the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta stands majestically in the centre of the modern town and is a landmark for the local worshippers.

Corso XXIII Novembre 1980, 83040 Conza della Campania AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

Numero di telefono
0827 39013
Poligono GEO

Concattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

Corso XXIII Novembre 1980, 83040 Conza della Campania AV, Italia

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