The Co-Cathedral of Sant'Amato (Saint Amatus) is a place of worship situated in Piazza Vescovado in the historic centre of Nusco, one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages.

The original construction, built in honour of Saint Stephen, was commissioned by the patron of the local community, Amato di Nusco, Bishop of the Diocese, who was worshipped as a saint by the Catholic Church after his death in 1093. The Co-Cathedral was later named after Saint Amatus himself. It has undergone various alterations over the centuries but its current appearance dates back to the last restoration works, carried out after the earthquake on 23 November 1980.

The splendid composite façade is compelling in its visual impact. It is built from square blocks of local stone, with a high clock tower on the northern side, built in 1891. The bell tower stands 33 m high and is close to the entrance. The splendid portal opens onto the Church inside, which has a main nave and two aisles with side chapels. The pilasters marking out the central nave are decorated with paintings of the Via Crucis, dating back to 1742 and painted by the artist Domenico Oranges (1710-1788) from Cosenza. In addition to the elevated 13th-century choir, other notable features include the finely-carved wooden pulpit and beautiful 17th-century throne bearing the image of Saint Amatus. It was made in the 18th century by the Sicilian artist Filippo Pennino (1755-1801). The remains of the patron saint lie in the Romanesque crypt, which is connected to the Church by a staircase. For centuries, the interspace of the crypt concealed a Nativity, which was only discovered in 2004. The find consists of two statues (the Virgin Mary lying on a bed with Saint Joseph beside her) and a cycle of frescoes depicting the birth of Christ. This symbolic depiction of the Nativity of the Virgin is extremely rare, and is a true artistic treasure.

The “Treasure Room" contains silver statues, sacred furnishings and gold altarware, completing the sacred artistic treasures of Nusco’s splendid Co-Cathedral.

Comune di riferimento
Piazza Vescovado, 13, 83051 Nusco AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services
dalle 08:00 alle 09:00

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Poligono GEO

Concattedrale di Sant'Amato

Piazza Vescovado, 13, 83051 Nusco AV, Italia

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