The Eremo dell'Addolorata (Hermitage of Our Lady of Sorrows) is a place of worship located in the Municipality of San Nicola Baronia, in Contrada Ferregne.

This small religious building dates back to the 17th century and was constructed in an austere, linear style. What makes this Hermitage unique is that it stands at the same altitude as the Sacro Monte Calvario (Sacred Mount Calvary), 738 meters above sea level, which is why over the years it has become a place of devotion to the Passion of Jesus and a path followed by processions on Good Friday. The hermit custodian lived there until the early 20th century, leading a life of retreat and penance. 

In 2006, fifteen chapels were built along the route, which now house as many bronze images and represent the stations of the Via Crucis, a Catholic religious rite for the Easter period. On the top of the hermitage hill, overlooking the church, a large luminous cross has also been positioned, raised almost nine meters above the ground and visible from the surrounding villages.

A place very dear to the San Nicola Baronia community, the Eremo dell'Addolorata is an oasis of peace and serenity, nestled in the pristine green of the surrounding area.

Contrada Ferregne, 83050 San Nicola Baronia AV, Italia
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Eremo dell'Addolorata

Contrada Ferregne, 83050 San Nicola Baronia AV, Italia

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