The Bizantine Caves of Zungoli are a complex of places of interest located in one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages, below most of the houses in the historic centre.

These tuff caves date back to the Byzantine era (9th-10th century), but may also have more ancient origins. In fact, these tunnels, built before the construction of the houses in the village, are on three levels connected by steps and therefore intercommunicating. Over time, the Byzantine Caves have had various uses. Initially, they were used as shelters, then as storage places for equipment and foodstuffs for the army, and in the late imperial and early medieval period as dwellings, stables or places to keep animals. It was precisely the latter function that the caves had after the 19th century, until a few years ago.

Today, you can still find mangers inside them, but many are used by the inhabitants to store wine or cheese. Among the many caves in the historic centre, the most important are: Grotta Nisco, Grotta Biaviello and, above all, Grotta-Forno Filomena Isidoro, an ancient oven fuelled by straw and wood.

Surrounded by a magnificent medieval setting, the Byzantine Caves contribute to enriching the historical and cultural heritage of this charming village of Irpinia.

Comune di riferimento
Via Giudea, 83030 Zungoli AV, Italia
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Grotte Bizantine

Via Giudea, 83030 Zungoli AV, Italia

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