Lake Saint Peter, also known as "Lake of Aquilaverde" or "Lake of Monteverde", is a place of natural interest located in the municipality of the same name, whose shores, however, also fall within the territories of Aquilonia and Lacedonia.

It originates from the Osento river, an affluent of the Ofanto, and is located at an altitude of 460 metres above sea level. Artificially created and with a capacity of about 17,100,000 cubic metres, the Lake is an SCI (Site of Community Importance) area and its main and most striking feature is the colour of its water, which is an intense, clear green.

Carp, trout and catfish are part of the lake's mostly "wild" aquatic fauna. The flora, on the other hand, is made up of the dense and rich vegetation of the Mezzana Forest, an ideal place to spend a quiet day, thanks also to the presence of a specially equipped area where it is possible to enjoy a moment of relaxation and contact with nature. 

For years, Lake Saint Peter has been the natural setting for the artistic and theatrical event "The Great Water Show", centred on the life of Saint Gerardo Maiella: an event that is currently suspended, but a major tourist and cultural attraction in Upper Irpinia.

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Lago di San Pietro, 83049 Monteverde AV, Italia
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Lago San Pietro

Lago di San Pietro, 83049 Monteverde AV, Italia

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