The WWF Conza Lake Nature Reserve lies within a Site of Community Importance in the Municipality of Conza della Campania.

Formed after an artificial barrier installed on the Ofanto river, the reserve extends over 800 hectares of valuable hydrophilic woodland, meadows and steppes. It is the largest area of wetland in Campania.

As a Special Protection Area, it is a refuge for many species of mammal, whose numbers are rapidly shrinking, such as the badger, the fox and the now extremely rare otter, sometimes glimpsed along the banks of the Ofanto river. 
Of the many species of bird who flock to these natural wetlands, the lake and woodland are home to the largest colony of herons in the South of Italy. As a stopping point for birds migrating between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic, the WWF Conza Lake Nature Reserve is a gathering place for migrating birds. In spring and autumn each year, visitors can enjoy the sight of large species such as cranes, storks, birds of prey and ducks who come here to rest before restarting their tiring journey.

Countless different plant species have populated various parts of this protected area, over the years. Some of these plants, which we might call "weeds", are in fact wild species that play an important role in protecting biodiversity. In the past, species such as dandelion, mallow and dog rose have enabled the survival of many communities, who would make herbal treatments from them.

A must-see for wildlife lovers, this reserve offers a series of trails accompanied by information boards and panels illustrating the habitats, fauna and flora, making visits suitable for children as well as nature enthusiasts. The tables in the cafe area, the visitor centre and conference room, guided tours and observation points as well as the outdoor classroom offer further opportunities for visitors to enjoy the nature reserve and learn more.

The large lake at the Lake Conza WWF nature reserve immediately draws the eye, while the mountains in the background frame this fascinating landscape which has a strong visual impact. The many plant and animal species, the true wealth of this priceless natural heritage, are enchanting for visitors as they bring people into direct contact with nature.

Oasi Lago di Conza, Contrada Pescara, snc, 83040, Conza della Campania AV, Italia
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Oasi WWF Lago di Conza

Oasi Lago di Conza, Contrada Pescara, snc, 83040, Conza della Campania AV, Italia

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