Giordano Palace is a site of historical interest located in Via Pirro De Luca, Montefusco.

Thought to have been built between the 17th and 18th centuries, the building has retained its original style even today, despite the recent restoration work, to shore up the structure and preserve the building’s artistic treasures. The focus of the artistic conservation was the paintings and murals, which were showing serious signs of wear but now suitably restored.

The Palace extends over two floors and an entire block; access to the ground floor is through a stone portal, off-centred from the main façade and decorated only by the stone corbels and wrought-iron railings on the balconies, cadenced with the windows, as far as the top floor. A double flight of steps leads from the garden to the upper floor, comprising a number of rooms. The entrance door bears the Giordano family coat of arms: a pair of rampant lions with a palm tree in the centre and framed by the name of the owner and the year of construction: "Onofrius Giordanus 1613". The spacious rooms with frescoed ceilings and neoclassical wall motifs have played host to historic splendours and witnessed the important events of what was then the capital of the Ultra Principality

Today, this ancient residence is a prime location for cultural and artistic events and photography exhibitions. Part of the building has been used to accommodate the barracks of the Montefusco station of the Carabinieri.

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Via Pirro De Luca, 1/70, 83030 Montefusco AV, Italia
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Palazzo Giordano

Via Pirro De Luca, 1/70, 83030 Montefusco AV, Italia

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