The town of Solofra offers all its visitors the opportunity to take advantage of the Picentini Mounts Park Trail, a path that, starting from Scorza, leads to Pizzo San Michele.

The path, which is about 5.5 km long and takes about four and a half hours, begins at the Scorza Fountain in the village of the same name, a point where visitors can enjoy the richness of the woodlands around Solofra. After about 15 minutes, it is possible to admire the "Pietra della Madonna" (Madonna's rock) spring, so-called because it is set among the rocks, slightly off the track and very suggestive. From this point, the actual route begins, which enters the chestnut groves, passing a shelter with a small statue of the Madonna and a rest area.

Continuing in a south-westerly direction and keeping a gully on the right, the climb towards the highest peaks of Solofra begins, until reaching Monte dell'Uovo, at an altitude of about 1,417 metres above sea level. From here, continuing in the same direction, it is possible to reach the final destination, which is Pizzo San Michele, climbing up to a peak of 1,567 metres, not before having gone through another wood with a fair slope. On the main peak of the territory of Solofra stands the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo (Saint Michael the Archangel), the highest summit religious building in Italy, a destination for processions for pilgrims and a refuge for hikers throughout the year.

Situated in an area bordering the municipalities of Montoro and Calvanico, Pizzo San Michele offers an evocative view that sweeps from the Gulf of Salerno to the Lattari Mountains, from Partenio to Vesuvius, as far as the highest peaks of the Matese.

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Pizzo San Michele, 83029, Solofra AV, Italia
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Sentieristica Monti Picentini-Pizzo San Michele

Pizzo San Michele, 83029, Solofra AV, Italia

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