The Caposele Water Museum is located in Casa Houston, near the Sele Springs in Piazza della Sanità.

This place of interest was set up to highlight the importance of the springs in the municipality of the Sele Valley: watercourses that, with a flow rate of 4,000 litres per second, quench the thirst of the whole of Puglia. The Museum contains evidence of the history of the Apulian Aqueduct and aims to underline the importance of water as an irreplaceable resource, in an educational way that lends itself to collective use. It also contains equipment and cartographic material illustrating the routes and places of greatest historical and architectural value in the area.

A unique aspect of the Water Museum is that it takes the spectator on a virtual tour to discover the natural wonders of the Sele Valley. The exhibition includes a series of graphic and photographic panels, models and historical artefacts that tell the story of the construction of the Apulian Aqueduct, the technologies used and the transformations that the territory underwent due to the integration of the infrastructure. The illustrations also explain the evolution of all the territories affected by the event, through images of the time that transport the visitor to the various places of the original route and bear witness to the changes brought by the Aqueduct to the communities, in terms of implementation and management of a service of fundamental importance for the development of the territory.

A fascinating story of sacrifice, ingenuity and passion is meticulously presented in the Water Museum, which is full of evidence and information resources.

Grado di accessibilita
Totally accessible
Comune di riferimento
Piazza della Sanità, 83040 Caposele AV, Italia
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On reservation

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Numero di telefono
0827 53024
Poligono GEO

Museo delle Acque

Piazza della Sanità, 83040 Caposele AV, Italia

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