About one kilometre from the centre of Aquilonia, to the west of the town, stands a religious building known as the Badia di San Vito (Abbey of Saint Vitus).

The current layout of this building, probably built in the mid-13th century, is not the original one, as it has been modified several times over time. 
Today, the building has a gabled façade and a three-storey bell tower to the side, crowned by a pyramidal spire; the papal coat of arms can be seen at the entrance, dominated by a stone plaque with an inscription dated 1731. The Church is characterised by a square portal with a central architrave and a large rectangular window and has strong buttresses.

Inside the Abbey of San Vito, one can admire, among other things, the wooden statue of the saint dating back to the 13th century, an ablution basin from 1747, the stoup from 1742 and the Cross of Indulgences granted in 1901 by Pope Leo XIII.

The Abbey of San Vito stands on a small hill, where a green space develops downhill and on the left side of it stands majestically a centuries-old oak, a great monument of nature over three centuries old and of considerable size: the trunk's circumference is more than five metres and the foliage is about one and a half metres high.

Listed by the Campania Region as one of the longest-lived and most important patriarchs in Campania, the vigilant presence of the Abbey of San Vito intensifies the sacredness of the site, a pleasant and spiritual place, which every year is immersed in the unique atmosphere of the Feast of Saint Vitus.

Comune di riferimento
Badia di San Vito, 83041, Aquilonia AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

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0827 83004
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Badia di San Vito

Badia di San Vito, 83041, Aquilonia AV, Italia

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