The Crucinova Column of San Sossio Baronia is located in Via Piano, at the crossroads with Via Vittorio Veneto.

The history of its construction is linked to the figure of Ferdinando Loffredo, member of the Sacred Royal Council and Marquis of Trevico, who, in 1611, had this monument, also known as the "Croce Nuova" (New Cross), built. There is a legend about the Column linked to the stories of banditry that reigned in these parts, starring the famous Filomena Pennacchio, companion of the "Terrone della Baronia", Giuseppe Schiavone. The story goes that, in an unsuccessful raid, the beautiful lieutenant, in order to give vent to her anger, cut off the four heads of angels carved into the base.

Today, the column stands out from the top of another recently built base, accessed by a small staircase with five steps. The New Cross stands out at the top of a partly fluted stone column, the base of which is decorated with angular relief sculptures of angels. Two further sculptures adorn the support on the sides, namely the figure of Saint Sossio with outstretched arms and the coat of arms of the Loffredo family.

The monument, which has recently been restored, stands out against the backdrop of one of the town's main streets, adding to the artistic heritage of the local community.

Via Piano, 83050 San Sossio Baronia AV, Italia
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Poligono GEO

Colonna Crucinova

Via Piano, 83050 San Sossio Baronia AV, Italia

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