The Feast of Our Lady of Graces is a religious event that takes place in Lacedonia on Easter Monday.

According to popular tradition, the Feast of Our Lady of Graces dates back several centuries, as does the Sanctuary situated at the foot of a hill, whose origins are a mixture of legend and history. Popular tradition, in fact, tells of the discovery of the statue of the Madonna among some bushes by some farmers from Montella, who then brought it to their town. One day, the farmers from Montella could not find the statue, which was later found by some farmers from Lacedonia on an elm tree not far from where the Sanctuary is located.

During the festivities, the statue is carried in procession on foot to the town and displayed in the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Saint Mary of the Assumption) for about a month. The statue is always brought back to the Sanctuary in procession on the first Sunday in May, and often on this occasion, some devotees walk barefoot along this road. Before the statue is returned to the Sanctuary, the traditional fireworks are lit, with celebrations continuing throughout the day.

An event that mixes legend, religion and folklore, the Feast of Our Lady of Graces brings together the entire community of Lacedonia in a tireless and devotional walk every year.

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Corso Giovanni Amendola, 10, 83046 Lacedonia AV, Italia
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*currently suspended due to Covid-19
it usually takes place on Mondays in Albis

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0827 85035
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Corso Giovanni Amendola, 10, 83046 Lacedonia AV, Italia

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