The appointments with the traditional theater of the 'Teatro d'Europa' company continue.

Great comedy on Saturday 17 February, at 8.30pm (repeat on Sunday at 6.30pm), at the Teatro d'Europa in Cesinali, where, directed by Gigi Savoia, 'O' Scarfalietto', by Eduardo Scarpetta, will be on stage.

Protagonists Angela Caterina, Luigi Frasca, Marcello Bonanni and Claudio Savaglia. The cast is completed by Dino Raffa, Yuri Iannone, Roberta Castronuovo, Ettore Luce, Assuntina Galluccio, Carmela D'Auria, Francesco Todisco, Angelina Martino, Vincenzo Gregorio and Giandomenico Coppola.

A comedy classic, to laugh, have fun, reflect on couple conflicts. Two spouses argue over a broken bed warmer, which ruins their love idyll. A banal reason, almost a pretext, to bring out old and new resentments. A cheerful, engaging show which, with irony, makes us reflect on the futile reasons that can cause even serious disagreements between couples.

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Comune di riferimento
Piazza Municipio, 1, 83020 Cesinali AV, Italia
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Teatro d'Europa
Poligono GEO


Piazza Municipio, 1, 83020 Cesinali AV, Italia

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