The “G. Award Award Ceremony. Gussone”2023” will be held on November 25, 2023, at 6:00 pm,  at the Antica Taverna of Villamaina  .

It will be a highly prestigious event which will see the participation of important personalities from the world of the environment, journalism and politics.

Giovanni Gussone was a professor at the "Federico II" University of Naples. His influence in the scientific field was particularly important in the last years of the Monarchy in Naples, to the point of being appointed Court Botanist by King Francis I.
Gussone himself is responsible for the foundation of the experimental and acclimatization garden of Boccadifalco, in Palermo, as well as the scientific denomination of some plants, including Leopoldia gussonei, more commonly known by the term "hyacinth from Gussone's plume", a plant present only in Sicily, precisely in some areas of the territories of Gela and Vittoria. Furthermore, Giovanni Gussone identified in the Mefite area a woody plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, a broom which was identified by Michele Tenore, his teacher, as the "Genista Anxantica Ten". As a result of his intense professional activity and his close link with his land of origin, the Villamaine community decided to pay homage to this illustrious personality in the scientific field and, even today, the memory of Giovanni Gussone is handed down through the preservation of one of the most interesting green spaces in the Villamainese area, the Giovanni Gussone Municipal Park.

Among the speakers present at the event, there will be the Hon. Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, former Minister of the Environment and former National President of the Italian Greens. Its presence is of great importance, as Pecoraro Scanio has always demonstrated a profound sensitivity towards environmental issues and has played a key role in promoting sustainable policies.

Another prominent speaker will be Dr. Gian Luca Diamanti, Journalist and Web Editor AppenniniWeb. Thanks to his experience in the sector, Diamanti will provide an interesting point of view on the role of the media in information and raising awareness regarding environmental issues.

The figure of Dr. Pio Castiello, Landscape Architect, will be fundamental to understanding the importance of protecting the territory and sustainable architecture.

The ceremony will be coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mastromonico, who will play a fundamental role in organizing the event.

Institutional greetings will be held by Prof. Nicola Trunfio, Mayor of the Municipality of Villamaina.

It will be an important moment for the Mayor, who will have the opportunity to illustrate the initiatives implemented by his municipality for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainability.

During the evening, Rino Buonopane, President of the Province of Avellino, will also speak; Rosanna Repole, President of the Alta Irpinia internal area; Gianluca Carrabs, territorial marketing expert.

Finally, the Mayors of the municipalities of Aquilonia, Rocca San Felice, Scampitella, Torella dei Lombardi and Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi will be present. Their participation demonstrates the importance that local administrations attribute to environmental issues and the promotion of their territory.

During the evening, a musical and food and wine interlude will be offered by the Municipality of Villamaina.

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