The Castle of Avella is a place of historical interest located in via Campopiano.

Also called "Saint Michael's Castle", it was built by the Lombards in the 7th century AD in a strategic position. In fact, it dominates the access that connects Monteforte Irpino with the Sabato Valley and leads to Puglia and the Adriatic coast. The hill on which the Castle of Avella rises has also been the scene of further and important archaeological finds: in fact, among its ruins, the famous “Cippus Abellanus” dating back to about 150 BC was found. It's currently preserved at the Episcopal Seminary of Nola. It's an inscription in Oscan language, bearing the agreement between Abella and Nola and concerning the land in the middle of which there was a municipality Temple of Heracles.

The fortress of the Castle, which takes up the top of the hill, is dominated by the monumental cylindrical tower, typical of Angevin architecture, and by the two imposing structures of the donjon, a particular type of defensive tower. At the base of the fortress, two walls surround the slopes of the hill. Inside this area, there are many remains of rooms belonging to housing structures; among these, the only building preserved on the top is a large rectangular cistern.

The Castle of Avella, a fairytale destination set amidst untouched nature, is the emblem of the medieval past of this town in Lower Irpinia.

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Via Campopiano, 83021 Avella AV, Italia
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Castello di Avella

Via Campopiano, 83021 Avella AV, Italia

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