The Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo (Saint Bartholomew the Apostle) is situated in Via Chiaio, in the historic centre of Petruro Irpino.

There is dispute about the date of construction: some sources say the 14th century, but the Church may have been built even earlier than that. Consecrated by Cardinal Vincenzo Maria Orsini, Archbishop of Benevento on 12 October 1694, the Church was repeatedly damaged by natural disasters and was then repaired or rebuilt. The most recent work dates back to the earthquake of 23 November 1980.

A stairway leads to the façade of the Church, which has a simple, linear design. The stone portal is surmounted by a semilunette and rose, with a cross at the top. The Church is flanked by a bell tower standing slightly higher than the main building. The interior is decorated with many works of art, including the beautiful ceiling fresco of 1920, depicting the “Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew” by the painter Vincenzo Sorrentino. Inside the Church there are other fine sacred furnishings including the high altar, which conceals relics of the patron saint, who was declared Venerable by Pope Gregory XVI on 26 February 1834.

A religious symbol for the local community, on 24 August each year the Church of Saint Bartholomew hosts a popular festival in honour of the patron of Petruro Irpino.

Via Chiaio, 1A, 83010 Petruro Irpino AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

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0825 996115
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Chiesa di San Bartolomeo di Petruro Irpino

Via Chiaio, 1A, 83010 Petruro Irpino AV, Italia

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