The Church of San Nicola Maggiore (Saint Nicholas Major) is a place of worship located in Piazza Cristo Re in the historic centre of Fontanarosa.

The Church was built by the Norman governors during the 12th century, a period when the worship of Saint Nicholas of Bari was already popular among the local community. 
Over the years, the Church was restored several times, and was even partially rebuilt in 1425. In 1731, Bishop Paolo Torti Rogadei advocated for radical changes to the Church of San Nicola. However, those alterations came to nothing, due to the earthquake that struck Irpinia in 1733. After that, the Archpriest Nicola Petrone (1881-1973) commissioned the laying of the stone floor and canvas covering of the ceiling. Thanks to government subsidies and funds donated by the Archpriest Don Davide D’Italia, after World War II the Church was transformed and redeveloped into the building we see today.

The Church of San Nicola Maggiore now has floor plan with nave and two aisles, at the end of which is the cupola. The splendid façade has two sections. In the first section, topped by a balcony, there are three imposing portals. The second section is incorporated into the top part of the façade and consists of columns, an entablature, a split-pediment finial and a back attic floor with sculptures. The Church also contains saints’ statues and plasterwork. The many paintings include “The Last Supper" by Alonso Rodriguez (1578-1648) and the “Madonna and Child" by Giuseppe Tomajoli (1730-1772).

A masterful example of Norman architecture, the Church of San Nicola Maggiore still testifies to the Fontarosa community’s strong devotion to their patron saint.

Comune di riferimento
Piazza Cristo Re, 83040, Fontanarosa AV, Italia
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Open during the hours of religious services

Numero di telefono
0825 475003
Poligono GEO

Chiesa di San Nicola di Fontanarosa

Piazza Cristo Re, 83040, Fontanarosa AV, Italia

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