The Tolla Fountain is located in the Municipality of Guardia Lombardi, in the Mattinelle area.

Built at the foot of Mount Acereta and accessible from Contrada Lazzare (Lazzare distric), it was known since the Lombard era, as it was used to water the herds. The name of the fountain, however, suggests much older origins:  tolla, in fact, is a term of Oscan origin, meaning "meeting place". This suggests that, since ancient times, the fountain was used by the first settlements formed here. 

Today, the fountain is bordered by two perimeter walls of Lombard construction. Located in the centre of the space, it has two "cannoli" (spouts) and is adorned with three semicircular basins for collecting water, one of which serves to feed the wash house/drinking trough located not far from and perpendicular to the fountain itself. 
Finally, behind the fountain, there is a water collection basin, built with semi-finished white stone boulders.

Over the last two centuries, the Tolla Fountain has undergone two major restorations: the first in 1899 and the second in 1988, by the Comunità Montana Alta Irpinia (Upper Irpinia Mountain Community), which returned an important monument of its history to the people of Guardia Lombardi.

Contrada Lazzare, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia
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Fontana Tolla

Contrada Lazzare, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia

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