The sections of the Pratola Serra Castle testify to the remains of the ancient medieval manor, located in Serra di Pratola.

Built as both a defensive structure and the residence of Roman and barbarian groups, the Serra Castle was donated to the clergy before the year 1000, as were many other places in the Duchy of Benevento. One of the first documents, in the name of Emperor Conrad of Germany, confirms that the Serra Castle was subject to the Monastery of Santa Sofia in Benevento. With the invasion of the Normans in the 11th century, the Gastaldate of Avellino was divided into two parts and the Serra Castle became part of the Countship of Montaperto. After being set on fire in 1442 by order of Alfonso of Aragon, the fiefdom of Serra first fell into the hands of the Poderico family and, subsequently, of the Tocco di Montemiletto family, who held the Serra Castle and the fiefdoms of Pratola until 1806, when the feudal system was abolished.

Over the years, some houses were built over the ancient fortress, altering its characteristics and functionality. Today, in fact, the local community also refers to the buildings in the upper part of the town as the "castle", of which the current oratory and the annexed houses form an integral part. 
The small fort seems to have retained its original polygonal shape, with a surrounding wall and two access doors, corresponding to the two towers: one of these is located near the Porta della Terra (Gate of the Land), semi-hidden and set in dedicated buildings; the other rises above the rocks near the parsonage and overlooks the Piazza del Tiglio.

An important trace of history for the local community, the sections of the Pratola Serra Castle retain the unmistakable charm characteristic of medieval villages.

Via Roma, 83039 Pratola Serra AV, Italia
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Tratti del Castello di Pratola Serra

Via Roma, 83039 Pratola Serra AV, Italia

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