The Municipality of Torrioni is located in the area of the Sabato Valley. It's a village with 530 inhabitants, located 645 metres above sea level, at 24 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 4.22 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Montefusco, Petruro Irpino, San Martino Sannita, San Nicola Manfredi, Santa Paolina and Tufo. It's crossed by the Sabato river and the Corvo stream. 
The etymology of the name seems to come from Aiulf II, a Lombard prince who decided to build a tower to control the territory: Torre di Aione (Turris Aionis), which over time became Torrioni. The inhabitants are called Torrionesi and Saint Michael the Archangel is their patron saint. 


  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo (Saint Michael the Archangel) - The original plant dating back to the 15th century, was subsequently remodelled
  • Montenigro Ecotourism Village - Village conceived to encourage tourism under an ecological aspect, promoting the environment and the rural identity culture: equipped with accommodations, nature trails, facilities and specially equipped structures
  • Cemetery crypt of the Oratory Chapel - It stands inside the modern building that houses the Town Hall, built above the Catacombs
  • Nature trails - Varco Cannelle, Ripa Bionda, Sant'Angelo locality, Parmente "Toccanisi" Acqua Fredda, Toppa Porcici "Nevera" 
  • Other - Municipal Library, San Michele playground, ruins of the ancient Aione Tower in Sant'Angelo     


  • Fusillo and Porchetta Festival - Food and wine event that takes place in July, with typical local products, food and wine stands and music
  • Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel - Scheduled during the penultimate week of July, it consists of a procession, during which lights are set up for the evening celebrations with food and wine stands, music and fireworks
  • Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua - Religious celebrations that take place on the 13th of June
  • Foot Race - Sports event that usually takes place in May    


  • Greco di Tufo DOCG - Noble wine deriving from an ancient vine, of Greek origin, with unparalleled typicality, affirmed all over the world for its aromas and flavour 
  • Homemade Bread - Local product, obtained using quality ingredients: it's a traditional product, through the use of sourdough flour which gives it a particular and unique flavour 
  • Caciocavallo Silano PDO - Semi-hard cheese, with spun curd, produced with milk from different breeds of cows, including Podolica
  • Other products - Homemade cold cuts, wild asparagus, mushrooms, chestnuts, hazelnuts, wild strawberries    


Torrioni was born thanks to the brave Aione II, Lombard prince of the Duchy of Benevento, who, travelling through the Sabato Valley, decided to build, right on the hill behind Tufo, a turreted fortress for the control and defence of the valley itself from enemy attacks. Today's Torrioni was born from that fort. 


The origins of Torrioni could date back to the second half of the 9th century AD: in support of this hypothesis, there is the fact that, in some documents of the time, the nearby Tufo is compared to the figure of the Lombard prince Aiulf II, thanks to whom the towered fortress was built from which Torrioni was born. Its link with Tufo is confirmed by its belonging to the fief of the same name, owned by Raone di Fragneto from 1138. 
Subsequently, it belonged to the Del Tufo family and, at the end of the Angevin era, it became a fief with the Del Turco family. After a substantial territorial and military growth, Torrioni was affected by a halving, with a part of the territory that ended up in the hands of Queen Joanna II of Anjou and the other part that remained in the possession of the Del Turco family. 
The split lasted until 1448 when, with the advent of the Caracciolo family, the entire territory was reunified under the name of "Torrioni del Signor Camillo". Among the last feudal lords of Torrioni, there are the Capobianco, who held the property until the abolition of feudalism in 1806.


 Torriori has itineraries through vineyards and hills with holiday proposals made of real experiences. Its typical food and wines open to the excellence of taste  
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Via Tuoro, 6, 83010 Torrioni AV, Italia
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Via Tuoro, 6, 83010 Torrioni AV, Italia

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Via Casale, 15, 83010, Torrioni AV, Italia

Closely linked to the celebrations held in Torrioni in July each year, the Church of San…

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