The Irpinia Terra di Mezzo festival returns for its fourth edition, a project created by Fiorenza Calogero which celebrates the aggregation and beauty of Irpinia.

From 13 to 28 April, Irpinia will be the protagonist of a rich calendar of events that will offer the public a unique opportunity to learn about the monumental, landscape and culinary heritage of the area.

A journey through villages and flavors

The festival winds through six municipalities: Sorbo Serpico, Pietradefusi, Santa Lucia di Serino, Salza Irpina, Cesinali and Santo Stefano del Sole. In each village, visitors will be able to take part in cultural excursions to discover churches, palaces and suggestive views. Following this, themed gastronomic salons will be held, led by local experts and chefs, who will delve into the culinary traditions of the area. The day will end with tastings of typical first courses, prepared with seasonal ingredients.

An experience for everyone

Irpinia Terra di Mezzo is a festival designed for everyone: lovers of history, culture, food and wine and simply curious people eager to live an authentic and engaging experience. Participation in the excursions and gastronomic salons is free, with reservations required for the salons (maximum 50 people). The tastings are free to access without reservations.

An unmissable event
The Irpinia Terra di Mezzo festival represents an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and flavors of Irpinia. A journey to discover an area rich in charm and traditions, to be experienced in the company of friends and family.

Events with reservation:

13 April: Sorbo Serpico - Excursion "Il Borgo Antico" and Gastronomic Lounge "Le Nove Lune dell'Orto"

14 April:  Pietradefusi -  “Art and Taste Walk”, Gestronomic Lounge  “I Piatti del Borgo” and the tasting  “Typical First Courses” at Torre Aragonese

20 April: Santa Lucia di Serino - Excursion "Along the Roads of Tradition" and Gastronomic Lounge "From Experienced Wheat to Shared Wheat"

21 April: Salza Irpina - Excursion "Walk Along the Brigands' Paths" and Gastronomic Lounge "The Ancient Rite and the Poor Dishes"

27 April: Cesinali - Excursion "Visits through the streets of the historic center" and Gastronomic Lounge "The Circular Cuisine of Recycling"

28 April: Santo Stefano del Sole - Excursion "La Rosmarina" and Gastronomic Lounge "Transhumance and Peasant Eating"


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Informazioni Aggiuntive
Eventi ad ingresso gratuito
Informazioni di prenotazione
Per il Salotto Gastronomico prenotazione obbligatoria max 50 persone al numero 348 2553050
Per la Degustazione accesso libero senza prenotazione
Via Vincenzo Pennetti, 2, 83050 Sorbo Serpico AV, Italia
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Poligono GEO

Sorbo Serpico

Via Vincenzo Pennetti, 2, 83050 Sorbo Serpico AV, Italia

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