The Maccaronara Festival is a food and wine event that takes place in Castelvetere sul Calore every year in August.

With its unmistakable cultural and culinary characteristics, the typical Irpinian village in the Calore Valley is also known for its maccaronara, a type of pasta made from a mixture of water and flour, which is kneaded to the right consistency and cut into a shape that is very similar to a double spaghetti. The tradition of this handmade pasta, which in the most popular recipe is served with a simple sauce or with beans, is celebrated during the festival in Castelvetere. On the evenings of the Maccaronara Festival, in Piazza Monumento, there is no shortage of local wine, music and dancing, evoking the atmosphere of ancient village festivals dedicated to local products and entertainment.

Further confirmation of its rich heritage of food and traditions, the Maccaronara Festival takes place a short time after the Feast of Lo Ucciolo, held in July: in 2017, the two food and wine events were combined into a single event, intended to glorify both typical dishes.

Corso Umberto I, 68, 83040 Castelvetere sul Calore AV, Italia
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Castelvetere sul Calore

Corso Umberto I, 68, 83040 Castelvetere sul Calore AV, Italia

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