The Monument to the Fallen of Guardia Lombardi stands in Piazza Vittoria, near the Church of San Vito, also known as the "Chapel of the Miracle".

Designed and sculpted by the sculptor Carmine Filippone, a valiant fighter in the Italian army during the First World War, the monument to the 73 glorious fallen was inaugurated on 31 July 1921, about three years after the end of the conflict.

It has a pyramidal, multi-storey structure, each level depicting a specific element referring to national unity and the memory of that tragic event. 
On the first level of the stele, there is a bronze painting depicting an authentic war scene which, while denoting the sculptor-combatant's direct participation in the fierce assaults, expresses a significant warning for posterity, dictators and militarists. 
At the top, a bold bronze eagle protects the Italian flag with its claws. 
At the top of the pyramidal column, there is a bronze statue of a winged woman with her hair blowing in the wind, holding the Victory Crown in her right hand and the olive palm in her left, inviting to peace and harmony.

The names of the fallen are engraved in bronze on four sides of the first level of the stele, on as many marble slabs. The following epigraph appears above the eagle: 
«To the glorious fallen of Guardia Lombardi who, on the contrasting borders of Italy, cemented with blood the unity of the Homeland "MCMXV - MCMXVIII"».

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Piazza Vittoria, 19, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia
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Monumento ai Caduti di Guardia Lombardi

Piazza Vittoria, 19, 83040 Guardia Lombardi AV, Italia

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