The WWF Nature Reserve of the Caccia Valley is a site of natural interest in Contrada Acquabianca (Acquabianca district), located in Senerchia.

It is a delightful place, surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Picentini nature reserve; the “Oasis” was established in 1992 and opened the following May. The reserve covers an area of 450 hectares and contains 106 protected species, making it a Site of Community Interest and Special Protection Zone, which is managed by WWF Irpinia under an agreement with the Municipality of Senerchia. This rich and diverse habitat has been carefully preserved so that visitors can rediscover nature and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape.

The Nature Trail that visitors can enjoy while at the reserve is surrounded by beech, oak and birch woods. It is a habitat for the rare black pine tree and rare floral species such as lilies and colourful orchids. Wildlife includes the wolf, the blackbird, peregrine falcons and the nightingale, all of which combines to make this a truly unique natural legacy. The river and its banks are unusually light in colour, hence the name “Acquabianca” (White Water), due to the quantity of limestone found in the area. A beautiful waterfall falls from a drop of 30 metres, smoothing the rock face and creating wonderful plays of light, water and reflected greenery. Alongside the limestone “Grotta del Muschio” (Cave of the Moss) nearby, it creates a magical atmosphere for visitors wanting to discover the countless natural resources of this location.

Set in the typically green landscape of Irpinia, the WWF Caccia Valley Nature Reserve is the ideal place for an exhilarating nature walk to discover this unspoiled landscape which deserves to be protected, cherished and valued. 

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Contrada Acquabianca, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia
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Oasi WWF Valle della Caccia

Contrada Acquabianca, 83050 Senerchia AV, Italia

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