The Water Mill Park is located in San Nicola Baronia, in Via Benedetto Croce, on the road leading to Contrada Padula (Padula district) and, more precisely, on the Ralla hill. 

The site testifies to the existence of several mills throughout the San Nicola territory, serving not only its inhabitants but also the nearby communities of Carife and Castel Baronia. Of the twelve mills present in the whole of the Baronia area, only two are those whose traces remain clearly visible today and which make up the present park.

These mills, the top mill and the bottom mill, were operated twice a day, flouring the quantity of grain of 10 "tomoli", the unit of measurement used throughout Irpinia being 4,004 m². This hydraulic technology is now considered a "cultural asset" and can be admired thanks to a recent renovation and enhancement intervention as part of the "La Falconeria" project of the Agrirpinia Pact.

A place of great historical and natural interest, the Water MIll Park is tangible evidence of the importance of water sources for the people of Baronia.

Via Benedetto Croce, 83050 San Nicola Baronia AV, Italia
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Parco dei Mulini ad Acqua

Via Benedetto Croce, 83050 San Nicola Baronia AV, Italia

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