The Archaeological Area of Ancient Abellinum is a place of historical interest, located close to the town of Atripalda.

Located on the left bank of the Sabato river, the site contains finds dating back to the end of the 2nd century BC and identifiable with the Roman city of Abellinum: a colony built, in turn, on the remains of a previous Samnite settlement, which originated in that area between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC and was known as Oppidum Abellinatum. In the Archaeological Area, an external part is visible, which includes both three rows of the Samnite fortification, built in opus quadratum (square work), and the circuit wall, built in opus reticulatum (reticulated work) in the Roman period. In the inner part, on the other hand, we note in particular the baths, a domus in Hellenistic-Pompeian style and the forum. From the latter, a circular marble area was extracted (apparently dedicated to Tiberius), now on display at the Irpinian Museum in Avellino

The Archaeological Area of Ancient Abellinum also unearthed various furnishings and suggestive decorations of the ancient rooms, all of which allow us to state that the monumental complex, which covers 2,500 square metres, was a patrician residence. Archaeological excavations in the area have also identified sectors of ancient necropolises, and some burials have been found along the perimeter walls of the Church of Sant'Ippolisto.

A living and tangible example of the influence of Roman civilisation in Irpinia, the remains of ancient Abellinum are one of the main historical and archaeological sites in the entire province.

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Via Manfredi, 94, 83042 Atripalda AV, Italia
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Area Archeologica dell'Antica Abellinum

Via Manfredi, 94, 83042 Atripalda AV, Italia

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