The Church of Loreto di Lapio, also known as the Church of Sant'Antonio, is situated in the square of the same name.

Consecrated on 4 October 1692, it was rebuilt in 1893 and presents all the characteristic elements of late 19th-century architecture, such as the linearity of the structure, the sobriety of the friezes and the functionality of the parts. The interior, however, is characterised by a number of elements that testify to the Baroque heritage, including the polychrome marble and the dramatic effects due to the distribution of niches along the nave.

The Church of Loreto is characterised by its elevated position in relation to the square below, with seven steps in local stone from the portal to the ground. Inside the Church, with a single nave, there are four paintings on the walls by Domenico Celentano, produced at the beginning of the 18th century, and other canvases that always bear the date and signature of the artist who painted them, so that they can also be placed in a precise historical context.

Further evidence of Lapio's rich artistic and religious heritage, the Church of Loreto dominates the square, encouraging visitors even more to discover the main attractions of the Irpinian village.

Grado di accessibilita
Totally accessible
Comune di riferimento
Piazza Sant'Antonio, 37, 83030 Lapio AV, Italia
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Poligono GEO

Chiesa del Loreto di Lapio

Piazza Sant'Antonio, 37, 83030 Lapio AV, Italia

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