The rock Church of the Madonna del Fiume (Our Lady of the River) in Calabritto is located in Ponticchio, a short walk from the Bard'natore Waterfall.

Located inside a karstic cave, which can be reached through a naturalistic path, this suggestive rocky church dates back to the 17th century. Tradition has it that the church was built after a chapel on the bank of the Meria torrent was swept away by the overflow of the river, which was caused by heavy rainfall for several days. The cataclysmic event, however, left intact a depiction of the Virgin Mary painted on the wall, which is why the church was built and is still a place of pilgrimage for many believers and hikers. 

Another belief, of pagan origin, is linked to the Church of the Madonna del Fiume (Our Lady of the River) in Calabritto: if a woman expecting a baby drinks the water dripping from a special stalactite in the shape of a breast, she will be assured an abundance of milk. This legend, corroborated by the fact that the Madonna del Fiume is the patron saint of women in labour, means that every year, on Easter Monday, expectant women from Calabritto go to the rock Church as a sign of devotion to the Virgin and a good omen for the health and growth of their children.

An emblem, perhaps unique in Irpinia, of the perfect symbiosis between faith and nature, the rock Church of the Madonna del Fiume di Calabritto is a must-see for those who love to spend moments of deep meditation and contemplation.

Comune di riferimento
Località Ponticchio, 83040 Calabritto AV Italia
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Chiesa rupestre della Madonna del Fiume

Località Ponticchio, 83040 Calabritto AV Italia

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