The Brancaccio Palace, also known as the "Baronial Palace", is a place of historical interest located on Via Umberto I in Sorbo Serpico.

In the early 17th century, it was the then Prince of Ruffano, Don Nicola Maria Brancaccio, who commissioned the construction of the eponymous stately building, next to which the Chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation was also built. In 1769, the Brancaccio family ceded the entire complex to Alessandro Maria Scarpa, who bequeathed it to his three sons Francesco, Gregorio, and Giuseppe. The latter inherited his brothers' portions of the property, passing it on to his descendants, namely his son Alessandro Maria Scarpa Jr. and his four grandchildren, who made changes to their dwelling, dividing the rooms into four equal parts.  

Today, the Palace is distinguished by its façade, featuring a remarkable carved stone entrance doorway that frames the solid wood door and six balconies with stone slabs and iron railings. On the inner side of the door, visitors will be struck by some engravings relating to the history of the village and its justice: images that can still be seen today, after so many years.

Worthy of note for its historicity and architecture, the Brancaccio Palace is one of the cultural symbols of the Sorbo community.

Via Umberto I, 83050 Sorbo Serpico AV, Italia
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Palazzo Brancaccio

Via Umberto I, 83050 Sorbo Serpico AV, Italia

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