On 4 and 5 October, between Alto Sele and Alto Cilento, chefs, artisans, pizza makers and winemakers meet to celebrate the hinterland, to enhance traditions, preserve the culture and history of the Campania territories, often unknown places whose cuisine , with its universal language, becomes the ideal ambassador to promote its charm and history.

Hinterterra is a traveling culinary congress that will touch ten municipalities including the beautiful village of Quaglietta, recently redeveloped. It starts on October 4th from Valva, the epicenter of the event and the birthplace of the artistic director, the starred chef Cristian Torsiello. Cutting the ribbon will be the "Signals to the center of the earth" congress scheduled in the Giacinto Scelsi auditorium (which will see representatives of the institutions, agri-food production and training discussing with Torsiello), the literary salon dedicated to the Renaissance of the villages hosted in the castle of the suggestive Villa d'Ayala, surrounded by the woods and the Italian garden, and the specialties and wines offered by local housewives, chefs and innkeepers along the streets of the town. On the same evening, three local restaurants will host guest chefs for dinners focused on the meeting of the different regional "hinterlands":Valeria Piccini, Luca Abruzzino, Stefania Di Pasquo, Mirko Balzano and the Caggianese pizza chef Angelo Rumolo will be at Silarus in the medieval village of Quaglietta, in the province of Avellino. Gianluca Gorini, Angelo Sabatelli, Vincenzo Cucolo, Edoardo Tilli and the Irpinian pastry chef Carmen Vecchione will be at the Eliceto Resort in Buccino (Salerno). Antonio Zaccardi, Luigi Lepore, Luciano Monosilio, Domenico Marotta and Concezio Gizzi will cook at La Tavernola of Tenuta Mandia in Zuppino, a hamlet of Sicignano degli Alburni (Salerno).

The following day, however, the villages of Alto Cilento - Trentinara, Giungano, Prignano Cilento - and the local artisans and winemakers will host workshops dedicated to cheese (with Antonio Ciuccio), wine (with Luigi Maffini) and white figs from Cilento , from Santomiele. While the dinners are scheduled at the fascinating Castello di Rocca Cilento – with Vitantonio Lombardo, Michelina Fischetti, Tomaz Kavcic, Roberto Allocca and Cristian Santomauro –, at the Vecchio Casale di Vatolla – with Nino Rossi, Antonio Biafora, Cristiano Tomei, Arcangelo Gargano and the pizza chef-leaven maker Daniele Falcone, born in Valva but now in Milan - and at Tenuta Il Pilaccio in Mercato Cilento, a hamlet of Perdifumo like Vatolla, with Enrico Recanati, Arcangelo Tinari, Pasquale Laera, Marco Zoppicante and the "agro-pastry chef" Pietro Macellaro from Cilento. Accompanying the events will be the wines of the Campania wineries Di Meo, Rosa Boccella, Scorziello, Carmine Cocozza, Maria Marino, Barone, Tenute Capaldo, Bruno De Conciliis, Tempa di Zoe and Luigi Maffini.


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To reserve your seat click on the following link: https://www.ticketsms.it/promoter/entroterra?fbclid=IwAR3r0gObQ3zj0Hbgcow_iZTguO0IOTg3TxdE_5_GWQJ2T5oFjyVI0k-Nm1E
Comune di riferimento
Corso del Popolo, 83040 Quaglietta AV, Italia
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Provincia di Salerno, Comune di Valva
Poligono GEO

Borgo e castello medievale di Quaglietta

Corso del Popolo, 83040 Quaglietta AV, Italia

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