The Municipality of Cervinara falls within the area of the Caudina Valley, on the northern side of the Partenio mountains, at 284 meters above sea level. It has 9,321 inhabitants and is 34 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 29.34 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Avella, Montesarchio, Roccarainola, Rotondi and San Martino Valle Caudina
The etymology of the name could derive from the Latin cell vinaria, meaning "wine cellar", or from the union of the adjective "cervino", derived from the noun "cervo" (deer), referring to the consistent presence of these animals in the territory. The inhabitants are called Cervinaresi and Saint Januarius is their patron. 


  • Caracciolo Marquis Palace - Equipped with a series of decorative elements surrounded in an indecipherable aura of mystery, it was the noble residence of the Caracciolo feudal lords and today it is an elegant historic residence where weddings can be celebrated
  • Castle ruins - The site, characterized by a mighty square keep, has some small towers that probably date back to the 12th century
  • Sanctuary of the Addolorata (Our Lady of Sorrow) - Also called "Abbey of San Gennaro” (Saint Januarius) it is located in the Ferrari hamlet and reflects the cult of the patron saint and Our Lady of Sorrow
  • Other churches - Santa Maria della Valle (Our Lady of the Valley), Church of San Rocco da Montpellier (Saint Roch), San Potito Vescovo e Martire (Saint Potitus Bishop and Martyr) Church of San Marciano Vescovo (Saint Marcian the Bishop), Church of San Nicola di Bari (Saint Nicholas), Church of Mount Carmel    


  • Cereris Ara - Augustan event in which the birth of the first settlement is celebrated, built, according to a legend, on the ashes of a temple dedicated to Ceres after the destruction by the Romans of the Samnite Caudium
  • Cervinara Carnival - Event with the parade of allegorical floats, folk dance groups and masked parade 
  • Chesnut Festival - Food and wine event that takes place in October, during which it is possible to taste excellent dishes based on chestnuts, dance, visit exhibitions and even go trekking among centuries-old chestnut groves    


  • Pizza Chiena - Savory tart among the most popular in Irpinia and Campania during the Easter period, filled with eggs, sheep ricotta, cheese, salami, sausage, and other tasty variations
  • Melannurca Campana PGI - The "Queen of Apples", with its characteristic aroma and very fine scent
  • Other products - Soppressata from Irpinia, capicollo, chestnut, "Lavanelle" with beans


According to the legend, the name of Cervinara derives from an altar dedicated by the Romans to Ceres, goddess of harvest.  


Existing already in pre-Roman and Roman times, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds, Cervinara was populated above all in the Lombard period, when a castle was built in that territory. 
It was under the control of the Duchy of Benevento for a long time, it was sacked during the Norman raids of the 12th century, led by Ruggiero d'Altavilla, and suffered serious devastation in the following centuries, belonging to numerous feudal lords (among these: the Filangieri, the Carafa and the Caracciolo). 
Thanks to the fertile soil, from feudalism and up to the beginning of the 19th century, Cervinara had a strong agricultural development and, according to some studies, several places in this town were also chosen as a refuge or hiding place during the period of banditry
In 1999 the so-called "Valle Caudina flood" occurred, when a muddy landslide, caused by heavy rains, damaged several buildings and caused the death of five people.


The artist Milot left his mark in Cervinara, giving the community that welcomed him a folded key monument, the most imposing in the world, twenty meters high and weighing four tons.  It's time to leave to discover this Guinness world record monument 
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Via Trescine, 83012, Cervinara AV, Italia
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Via Trescine, 83012, Cervinara AV, Italia


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