The Bonfires of Baronia is the name of a folkloric event that takes place in three towns in Irpinia: Carife, San Nicola Baronia and San Sossio Baronia.

The project is dedicated to the lighting of traditional bonfires in honour of the patron saints of the communities involved. The ancient fire ritual, which unites different places and cultures, derives from a mixture of pagan and Christian traditions. Christian celebrations have borrowed many characteristics from these rituals, distorting their original meaning and linking them to religious festivals: fire as a symbol of light overcoming darkness and a unifying element, in front of which the community finds itself united and bound by the same sentiment of faith.

The programme includes travelling music shows, tammurriate, pizziche and tarantelle, danced by folk groups. The shows are accompanied by tastings of typical local products, highlighted in gastronomic itineraries to discover the flavours of Baronia. Popular culture blends with devotion in a moment of communal sharing, around a fire that welcomes and gathers, today as in the past: a simple yet extraordinarily evocative and emotional gesture that increases the spirit of sharing and becomes a means of aggregation.

The ritual of lighting the fire is renewed during the events held in the three towns of Baronia, with a tradition that has been consolidated for several years, reinforcing the strong link with the territory and religious devotion.

Largo Mons. Vincenzo Salvatore, 1, 83040 Carife AV, Italia
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Largo Mons. Vincenzo Salvatore, 1, 83040 Carife AV, Italia

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