The Diocesan Museum of Nusco is located inside the Episcopal Palace on Piazza Vescovado, near the Co-Cathedral of Sant'Amato.

The exhibition was set up with the aim of showcasing the great historical and artistic heritage of the individual communities of the Archdiocese of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi-Conza-Nusco-Bisaccia. It consists of a dynamic route exhibiting noteworthy liturgical items in a way that creates a synergy that encompasses the various parish communities, starting from their distinctive features, but aiming to make the uniqueness of a religious heritage of great spiritual and artistic value accessible. 

The long and ancient history of faith is told in a museum space which, through numerous important artefacts, takes you on a real journey into the sacred art of the past to relive the events of seven different communities: Nusco, Conza della Campania, Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Bisaccia, Montemarano, Monteverde, and Frigento. It is a rich repertoire of artworks consisting of statues, furnishings, busts, paintings, sacred vestments, and valuable sculptures dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries, some of which were found in the rubble of the earthquake of 23 November, 1980. Since 1992, the Episcopal Palace of Nusco has become one of the core repositories where pieces of artistic heritage recovered from the parishes damaged by the earthquake are preserved.

A place of remembrance, but above all a place for showcasing and promoting a rare and precious sacred heritage, the Diocesan Museum embodies the values of communities of devout believers.

Poligono GEO

Museo Diocesano di Nusco

Piazza Vescovado, 3, 83051 Nusco AV, Italia

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