The Episcopal Palace of Nusco is situated in Piazza Vescovado, close to the Co-Cathedral of Sant'Amato (Saint Amatus) in the historic centre of one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages.

The work to build what was once the residence of the bishop of Nusco lasted four years, after being commissioned in 1754 by the Bishop Francesco Antonio Bonaventura. In 1760, the building was inaugurated and opened for the first time to young clerics. This magnificent diocesan seminary educated notable religious and civil figures from all over the province of Irpinia, including esteemed men such as the Bishops Giuseppe Teta and Felice Del Sordo, the parliamentarian Felice Saponara and the Ministers Francesco Tedesco and Michelangelo Cianciulli.

The imposing three-storey palace overlooks Piazza Vescovado. It has a Baroque-style façade with a beautiful entrance portal made from pale local stone. The historic and well-stocked Library of Sant' Amato, inside the palace, contains more than 10,000 books. It is run by the Archdiocese of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi-Conza-Nusco-Bisaccia. The building also contains a Diocesan Museum whose task is to reconstruct the historical, artistic and religious lives of the communities of Nusco, Conza della Campania, Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Bisaccia, Montemarano, Monteverde and Frigento.

Known as the “cradle of youth from all of Irpinia”, the Episcopal Palace of Nusco is part of the charm and appeal of the historic centre of this upper Irpinian town.

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Piazza Vescovado, 3, 83051 Nusco AV, Italia
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Episcopio di Nusco

Piazza Vescovado, 3, 83051 Nusco AV, Italia

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