Caracciolo Castle is a site of historical interest situated close to the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Saint Mary of Mount Carmel) in Piazza Municipio, Montefredane.

A majestic building of Lombard origin, it was first mentioned in the “Catalogus Baronumn” in 1152. This historical document tells us that the building was owned by one Roberto De Tufo. The hill fort was particularly important during the mediaeval period, as it was part of a defence system comprising the castles of Capriglia Irpina, Grottolella, Manocalzati, Montefusco, Montemiletto and Summonte. During the Renaissance period, however, the original structure was converted into a noble residence. Over the centuries, the Castle has been owned by a series of landowning families including the Capece, Baldini, Orsini, Gesualdo and Ludovisi, through to the Caracciolo family from whom the historical site takes its name. The Caracciolos administered the building for almost two centuries from 1650 until 1806, the year in which feudal rights were abolished.

Recent major restorations have highlighted the imposing stature of this fortress, which partially overlooks the town’s central square. Access to the fortress is through the bell tower arch, annexed to the Mother Church that was built at the base of one of the large towers positioned at the top of the Castle’s original trapezoidal floor plan. The restoration works have recovered the two remaining towers: a circular external one and a square one inside the structure. The residence also had water tanks, which are still visible, and a ice house. Much of the majestic curtain wall and the majestic cylindrical tower are also still visible today. An amphitheatre, formed from a natural depression in the earth, is now used for cultural and recreational events, continuing to tell the story of the Castle in the vibrant heart of the town.

As a historic symbol for the local community, Caracciolo Castle is in an excellent state of repair and is still a dominant feature of the surrounding Sabato Valley.

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Piazza Municipio, 83030 Montefredane AV, Italia
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Castello Caracciolo

Piazza Municipio, 83030 Montefredane AV, Italia

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