The Municipality of Parolise is located in the area between the Sabato Valley and the Calore Valley. It's a town with 651 inhabitants, located 546 metres above sea level, at 9 km from Avellino. The territory extends for 3.22 sq km and the adjoining municipalities are: Candida, Chiusano di San Domenico, Lapio, Montefalcione, Salza Irpina and San Potito Ultra
The etymology of the name perhaps derives from the Latin Praedium Paulisium and therefore from the Greek Paulision, Παυλίσιον; according to others, instead, the name derives from padule, that is, “vegetable garden”, and with time there has been the replacement of the “d” with the “r”. The inhabitants are called Parolisani and Saint Roch is their patron saint. 


  • Church of San Vitaliano Vescovo (Saint Vitaliano the Bishop) - Mother Church and religious and cultural symbol of Parolise, it is characterised by a portal made of local stone
  • Congregation of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Holy Mary of Graces) - Built in the 19th century, it was the seat of the Confraternity of Santa Maria delle Grazie and was built for religious, social and mutual aid purposes 
  • Clock Tower - Built in the 17th century, it rises for a total height of 19 and a half metres and has been absorbed, over time, by some buildings, blending with the medieval conformation of the town
  • Lombardi Palace - Historic building that stands out for its façade and the stone entrance portal of Lombard origin
  • Cavallo Palace - Elegant building that is characterised by the stone portal, on which the family coat of arms is carved
  • Rotondi Palace - Building owned by the family of the same name and which, in the 19th century, belonged to Father Domenico Sarno (1749-1822)      


  • Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus - Religious procession, accompanied by concerts of classical and modern music, held in June and July
  • Fusillo and Porchetta Festival - Long-standing food and wine event, accompanied by traditional music, held in August
  • Feast of Saint Roch - Religious celebrations in honour of the patron saint, held in August
  • Parolise in Borgo - Food and wine tour in the historic centre, between art, music and dances, held in June
  • Dancing Fountains - Show created with water fountains and fireworks, held in the summer
  • The Magic of Christmas - Christmas festival with food and wine stands and musical performances, held during the Christmas period      


  • Fiano di Avellino DOCG - One of the finest white wines of Italy and the international market      


The Municipality of Parolise constitutes, together with Candida and San Potito Ultra, the Union of Municipalities “Terre dei Filangieri”


The urban development of Parolise began in the Middle Ages, right on the hill where today its small agglomeration stretches out, between the Sabato Valley and the Calore Valley. On the hill, in fact, a first farmhouse was built, leaning against the bell tower, which gave rise to the surrounding settlement. The urban development of the town, however, took place rather slowly, since the fief did not have a local autonomy such as to allow the birth of further settlements. 
Among the aristocratic families to which the territory belonged, we remember the Capece, Filangieri, the barons of San Barbato and finally, the Berio families. In 1791, in fact, the fief was inherited by Francesco Berio, Marquis of Salza, and then by his niece Carolina Berio and was owned by this family until the abolition of feudalism in 1806.


Parolise is a real pleasure for the sight and the spirit, a true oasis of peace and silence, so it is worth strolling among its colours
Distretto di riferimeno
Piazza Don Marciano Marino, 1, 83050 Parolise AV, Italia
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Piazza Don Marciano Marino, 1, 83050 Parolise AV, Italia

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